Missions & objectivess

Mission Statement

To encourage and facilitate better business relations between the US and Algeria by promoting the interests, views and concerns of U.S. business in Algeria and, through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the interests of Algeria in the U.S.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Algeria is a non–profit, independent association formed by leaders of U.S. corporations doing business in Algeria as well as Algerian companies, multinationals and other organizations and individuals representing American companies, products, goods and services.

AmChams around the world are affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Washington D.C. which is the largest federation of business organizations in the world with affiliates in more than 90 countries.


• To promote the development of commerce and investment between the United States and Algeria.

• To be a direct liaison with the Chamber of Commerce of the United States and other chambers of commerce and business organizations, and to express the views of the local American business community to public and private interests in the United States.

• To provide a forum in which American business executives in Algeria, and Algerian business executives with American interests may identify, discuss and pursue common interests regarding their activities.

• To work with individuals and organizations in Algeria on matters of mutual interest.

• The Chamber shall not engage in any political activity in Algeria or allow its funds or facilities to be used for political purposes in Algeria.